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ocean data buoys
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    ocean data buoys manufactured by sdioi are at domestic advanced level, obtaining independent intellectual property rights buoys series including 10 m big sea buoys, 6 m deep and open sea buoys, 3m ocean hydrometeorology buoys, ocean wave buoys, polar air-sea interaction monitoring buoys and ocean flux buoys. sdioi has manufactured hundred sets of buoys for state ocean administration of china, china meteorological administration, administration of ocean and fisheries and institute of oceanology from tenth five-year plan. business operation of ocean data buoy provides a great deal of reliable data for ocean scientific research, investigation, development and use, also very helpful for the ocean weather forecast and disaster prevention and reduction of our country. all the 10m big sea buoys in business operationin our country are manufactured by sdioi, and awarded national self-innovation production certification in 2009. all the ocean data buoys used for the aquatics for olympic 2008 and he asian games 2010 are manufactured by sdioi also. meanwhile, sdioi promotes the international cooperation in the field of buoys technology. the ocean buoy was deployed in 2007 in yellow sea together with korea ocean research instituteis still in operation now.